What is For the Love of Orphans?

For the Love of orphans

For the Love of Orphans was created to financially support Mansa Fountain of Blessings, an orphan center, in Mansa, Zambia, Africa. Mansa Orphan Center teaches the love of Jesus by providing orphans with tuition and uniforms so they can attend public schools, clothing and shoes, hot meals and Bible lessons. Mansa is located in Luapula Province, a very poverty stricken area of Northern Zambia devastated by HIV and malaria. 

Without Mansa Orphan Center, these children can't afford to attend school, have very little to eat, and are shoeless and live in ragged clothing. The Orphan Center pays for their schooling, feeds them with hot meals and provides clothing and shoes. More importantly, they give the children love and compassion, enhancing their dignity and self worth. 

We also provide Bible teachings so the kids grow up knowing the Gospel and feel confident enough to share it with their friends. If we can show them God's love, we are doing our jobs!


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Mansa, Zambia, Africa